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The Robber Knight (Special Edition) – Robert Their

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The Robber Knight (Special Edition) – Robert Their
The Robber Knight - Robert Thier

The Robber Knight – Robert Thier

When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea.

Sir Reuben, the dreaded robber knight, has long been Ayla’s deadliest enemy. She swore he would hang for his crimes. Now they are both trapped in her castle as the army of a far greater enemy approaches, and they have only one chance: stand together, or fall.

Welcome to “The Robber Knight”—a tale full of action, adventure, and romance.

Special Edition with secret chapters revealed and insights into Sir Reuben’s mysterious past.


I just simply adore Historical Romance Novels, I also adore Fantasy Novels so when you combine the two It make this person one Very happy Reviewer! I have tried to read this combination before but it hasn’t always worked out, but in Robber Knight the balance of Historical and Fantasy is perfect but what element it does have that sets it apart from all of the rest is the comedy! I have not spent so long laughing but also shouting at one character in a very long time, in fact I’m unsure if I have in this glorious combination!

Every character was a pure individual and should be celebrated as so, yes the main characters are beyond genius in their design, but the characters around them that play the other parts should be recognised and celebrated as well. The same can be said for the world around them, Robert Their has put everything into this novel and you can clearly see that a great deal of planning, preparation and consideration has gone into every aspect, detail and element of the main and sub characters as well as the world surrounding them. With all of that in place, we can then look at the plot. If you think the effort that has been put into the characters and the world around them has been meticulous then it barely scratches the surface of how much effort and determination has gone into the plot.

Sir Reuban Rachwild is a very well thought out character, Robert Their has put a lot of thought, attention to detail and given him traits that allow Reuban to be a true “person” you can really imagine him in real life. He is the type of person you love but also kind of want to slap at the same time. He is ruggedly handsome, a laugh a minuet ( I have never spent so much time giggling and laughing) but then he does something that makes you think “for flip’s sake!” – Never has a character, who is so goofy, be so aggravatingly stupid and arrogant at the same time! As a thief, known to all as the Red Robber Knight he first encounters Ayla after she has been to visit one of the out laying farms to warn them of the on coming army and the protection she was offering. On their way back to the castle, this is when the Red Robber Knight and Ayla meet, he determinedly mugs her of her belongings but he gets more than he bargains for!

Ayla is the main female lead character – She is a rare beauty but has one hell of a fiery spirit, has a brilliant sense of humour and the soul of a man (as such as the period allows) – strong, determined, is able to be strategic, accept council when it is needed and above all is will to be a martyr in order to save her people from the threat of War. But above all she is also a 17 year old young woman, who has all the weaknesses of a woman – the inability to not fall for the one man she shouldn’t – Reuban! She is thrust early into the position of either accepting marriage or recognising and accepting a feud parchment documentation from the Margrave Von Falkenstein. We learn from the beginning just how quickly her mind works, how determined she is especially on her first encounter with Reuban – She refuses to get off her horse and he forcibly removes her! As the book goes on and the plot evolves, you can see how she matures and develops as a woman.

Margrave Von Falkenstein is your classic bad guy, although dashingly handsome, young and everything any woman would want; his darker, power hungry side to his nature makes him a twisted evil individual. He has been playing a game for a long time with the surrounding fifedom’s – he has been pretending to be their allies until he has them surrounded which has them then back into corners where they have had no other options other than to give in and hand over their lands. His true nature is nothing but a snake in the grass

I cannot wait to read book 2 of this series, the ending had me screaming because it has been left so at such a cliffhanger! I fully recommend this novel to everyone – even if you haven’t tried any Historical Romance Novels before, the injection of the fact it is a Fantasy Novel – Think Ruby Ring Saga (Chrissy Peebles) this is certainly on par with it! Get a copy, it will be one of the best decisions you have made in a long time!

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