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Nova – A.J Kane

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Nova: Daughters Of Darkness #1 - A.J Kane

Nova: Daughters Of Darkness #1 – A.J Kane

Nova: Daughters Of Darkness #1 – A.J Kane




A prophecy, a dark lord who looks way too good in black, and, well, Ireland … the perfect ingredients for a dangerous brew.

Nova and her sisters are witches. They’ve always known about magic and their ability to use it, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the role it would play in their lives. It all begins with a trip to Ireland and then some haunting dreams. Nova is torn from her sisters and then her heart is torn in two when she begins to fall for the guy no girl should ever fall for. Will she make the right choices? And when the battle rages, who will be left standing?

A.J Kane has created a real page turner when she wrote Nova: Daughters of Darkness #1. The attention to detail of each character is flawless with Branna, Nova and Kyna, the three sisters who are the Daughters of Darkness. Each character is unique in who they are, their temperament, their powers, their personalities and yet fit completely together as a trio, as a whole. Each holds a part of the darkness in their souls and all bear the mark a perfectly symmetrical triple spiral that looks similar to a tattoo but is a mark all three ware marking them as the Daughters of the prophesy.

Nova is described as taking after her mother in appearance, just like her sister Kyna whereas Branna favours their grandmother on their father’s side in looks. All three girls are beauties in their own rights, but Nova is especially so with her cobalt blue eyes, porcelain skin and long blonde hair. Each sister is able to wield an element. Nova is able to wield the elements of water and earth. Nova finds that she is able to spirit walk not too far into the novel and her spirit walks find her in some very interesting places and in some highly hot and unusual situations! Kind and caring with a warm and loving personality it is easy to see exactly why Drake is so attracted to her.

Branna is a fire cracker with a temper and out-going personality that is electric. The bond between the sisters is so strong that no matter what they are there for each other in an instant and will do anything for each other even if it meant walking over hot coals. Branna is able to wield fire which is not too much of a surprise given her temperament and also wind, which enables her to create some spectacular defence and offence magic through-out the book that will leave you open mouthed and stumped. She doesn’t think, I believe, what she is saying before she says it which does in some parts get her into trouble, but also in others will have you laughing like mad because what she says is exactly what you are thinking yourself! A Brilliant character, very down to earth and the type of person you would love as a best friend if you were not related.

Kyna is the glue that hold the sisters together, her power is that of spirit and also as a seer. Her seeing power has not always been 100% perfect but once the UnderLord is released her seer power just like all of the other girl’s powers become magnified, leading her to see more than she lets on…….. Kyna does some things that are unexplainable at the time but all come together full circle in the end allowing her to let on just exactly what she saw in the first instance leading her to act the way she did. Everything happens for a reason and in Kyna’s case all she can do is trust her visions and allow them to play out.

Drake is the arrogant Demon Lord of the Underworld, who has battled with Witches, the Fianna and Druids long before in another lifetime ago, which raged on for years. He was defeated and sent back to the Underworld where he was sealed in and imprisoned, that is until a prophesy which was foreseen by an oracle came to pass, the prophesy of the Daughters of Darkness. With Dark and dreadful demons at his beck and call Drake is more than ready to go into battle and is pleased when the fabled prophesy finally comes to fruition. What he doesn’t foresee is Nova, and the effect she has on him. He can’t explain why she has the effect on him the way she does and when his interest turns into fascination…………. Things as always are not just what they seem.

Whilst growing up all of the girls have been rigorously taught several self-defence/martial arts lessons as well as practical applications of wielding their own elements to their full capacity. Both their Mother and Father have taught them well but they need help from other sources: their Granda and the Tuatha De Danann, the Prince Rian whose relationship with the girls……., well one in particular is interesting!

An exceptional read that is more than worthy of the Crown of June’s Featured Fantasy Review! A 5 Star Novel – You Can’t Miss Out On This One Grab Your Copy!!

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