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* Ivy in Bloom (Hothouse #2); Invitation to Eden Series – Tawny Stokes *

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Ivy in Bloom (Hothouse #2) (Invitation to Eden Series) – Vivi Anna writing as NYT Best Selling Author Tawny Stokes

Ivy in Bloom Novel Cover

After getting out of a bad relationship and dropping out of university, Ivy Watts decides she needs some much needed stress therapy. So when she discovers her parents have been invited to a luxury private island resort called Eden, she manages to finagle herself her own invitation. She expects to laze around on the beach with a drink in her hand and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, but what she doesn’t expect is to learn a few life lessons from the tall, dark, older handsome man in the penthouse suite.




Unlike others in the Invitation to Eden series of Novellas put together by some of the world’s leading writers, which I have read, this had a completely different feel to it. It was always on edge, almost dark and daring – but there again I have never read anything by either Vivi Anna or her alias Tawny Stokes.

Ivy Watts has just suffered, what feels to her the worst week of her life – Born with an obvious silver spoon in her mouth, her parents are rich and she has been spoilt all her life, but her life has not always gone along with these advantages, she wants to leave college as she feels she has no direction in life. With her boyfriend gone and needing to spend some quality time with her parents, she heads on home only to be surprised they are off on a once in a lifetime Invitation Only trip. This seems to be the last straw for her and after hunting down information she gains the switchboard number for Eden. Beg as she does, she is informed that going on the vacation is by invitation only and that normally couples in need of what the Island can offer them are allowed to come. After pouring her heart out on the line to the attendant she is told to hold, to her utter surprise she is informed that she too will have an Invitation to Eden awaiting her the next day. Pleased with her success in tagging along with her parents she packs for a week in sun and sand…….. Little does she know what awaits her in Eden…

Eden is Not what she expects when she arrives, although finding herself in a Tropical paradise she is to be roomed in the Medieval Castle that just doesn’t seem to fit the Island, her parents on the opposite side of the Island although they make plans for a meal and drinks. Immediately on the Prowl she goes looking for “Mr Right Now” to dull the pain in her aching heart what she finds was something I did not expect even from the synopsis and I am still at a loss whether to state I loved it or hated it lol! This novella just has that genuine unique characteristic about it, that it sucks you in and spits you out thinking “Did that Just Happen?”

A Style of writing this unique deserves the title of NYT Best Selling Author,as Ivy in Bloom is a very well written book written, albeit far too short, if more time was spent on explaining the connection and their “blooming” relationship, between the Dark and Dangerous Billionaire and our own Ivy then I believe the novel would be much better.



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