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**Review** Dark Kiss by Amy Lynn Garcia

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Title: The Dark Kiss the Two Sides of Me series #1

Author: Amy Lynn Garcia

Release Date: August 27, 2014

Genre: Erotic Romance

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✦✦ Synopsis✦✦

Secrets and demons from Evan Lawson’s past pull this strong man to the edge of death where only the whispers of a mysterious voice can penetrate his darkness.

A young woman dedicating her entire life to her career and family comes face to face with a heart stopping magnetic man who has the power to make all of her dreams come true or completely destroy her.

Evan is a self-made world renowned restaurant mogul who is cold and distant, pushing anyone attempting to enter his life away with intensity. Until the night he hears Mia Galloway’s soft alluring voice calling to him through the murky waters of his unconsciousness. Love is a foreign notion that neither Mia nor Evan had ever planned on, in fact both had sworn it off entirely. After going through a horrifying kidnapping at the age of 19 Mia made a conscious decision to never get involved with a man….ever. She has dedicated her life to healing others and loving her family and friends. Evan and his demons from the past have shaped him into the dominant, controlling cruel man he is today. The scars from his childhood run deep and the memories of a tormented mother and a father in denial of his wife’s illness bind him emotionally and make him believe he is incapable of love.

Evan and Mia are thrown together in the ICU after he drives his car over the edge of a bridge, killing his passenger immediately. Evan was rushed to a private Seattle hospital where Mia is his nurse. She works at drawing him from his coma but has no idea who she is actually summoning.

The man who went over the bridge in that car, the man known to his family and co-workers as “The Beast” teeters on the brink of death, ready and willing to make his way to hell.

But when he feels the magnetic pull of Mia’s presence, hears her luring whispers, feels the electric voltage of her touch on his skin…..he knows….he’s not going anywhere…..not until he can see the face that belongs to his savior’s voice…..

Amy Garcia Cover a

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✦✦ Review✦✦

This novel has it all; dark intrigue, sex, secrets, promises, lies, a life left forgotten, a dying sexy man who just happens to be so rich it hurts and although slightly obsessive is a whole different breed of man. Let’s not forget LOVE, within Dark Kiss by Amy Lynn Garcia we have the epic story of a love so strong it manages to make you flourish fully but then in an instant it can turn and break you beyond compare! All of the characters, both main and supporting, all have their own “air” about them, their own secrets to tell, which has you asking your own questions about them, Amy has managed to give you enough information about them to keep you satisfied just enough but still hungry for answers as you will find out in this impressive novel that will grip you from the very first page and have you crying out for more by the end.

We begin by meeting Mia, a young woman who has suffered what can only be put into words as a horrific past, she was kidnapped and tortured by 3 men, 2 who are now in prison but the 3rd got away. The attack was so nasty that she required several surgeries, even some on her face which in effect changed how she looks now compare to how she did look when she was growing up and taken. Now emotionally stable, Mia works for an exclusive hospital that caters for the rich and famous, Seattle Trinity. As a nurse she finds that helping people in effect helps her, so she not only loves her job she needs it feel right within herself.

One of Mia’s co-workers – Callie, has relentlessly tried to set Mia up with men from the hospital several times but Mia isn’t interested in a relationship after what she went through, she is resigned to being on her own, that is until she walks in the room that Callie practically pushes her into. Mia is floored by the man she sees before her, never in her life has she felt physically attracted to a man, this man is a Greek Adonis, a true God and soon she finds that every waking moment is filled with thoughts of Evan, caring for Evan and even becoming possessive of him.

When he wakes she is not disappointed as the most beautiful Green eyes meet hers, although how those eyes meet hers is an unusual tale, that I will leave for the reader of the book as it is a very pointe part of the story as it sweeps from a one sided all-consuming need into a dramatic first clash of two souls as they truly meet. In that moment you need to read the words to savour it.

Their arrangement; for her to work for him as his nurse, as he requires homecare is not everything it seems. Both parties have ulterior motives at play for each other. Quickly Mia and Evan are not playing the traditional patient and nurse roles, and homecare is the last things on their minds……… Both stubborn and smart, Mia realises that many things are going unsaid and some of them need to come out into the open. Will she burst her new found happy bubble in order to find out the truth or will she continue to keep it filed away in her mind on the “Things to think about later shelf”?? Can she tell him about what happened when she was kidnapped and risk losing him?

Evan Lawson, after an accident finds him in a coma within Seattle Trinity’s, wakes up to find one woman on his mind and that woman is Mia! He has never met her, never spoken to her nor even set eyes upon her and yet after listening to her voice, the voice that helped him find his way back to life, he knows that his soul has recognised its other half and he needs to wake up to claim it!

Convincing Mia to become his homecare nurse turns out to be easier than he anticipated, but that’s how it is when you have money – doors not normally open to others pop right open for him. Bringing her into his home and convincing her to stay turns out to be more of a challenge. What starts as a night, turns into an agreement for a week, which turns into more but can he convince her to stay even longer? Can opening up to her about his own abused past help her to understand, or will she reject him? Evan’s staff act frightened around him, and as he soon begins to realise something more is amiss he begins to dig into who he was before the crash, before he became the Evan Mia loves, what he finds shakes him to his core………who is this man he was?  Should he tell her, will he lose her, will he lose himself?

With so many secrets and lies, their relationship changes – but I am not about to give away what potentially is one of the best Cliff-hanger endings I have read in a while!

Amy’s way with words and the way she seems to have devoted so much time to each individual character to make them “real” you could almost reach out and touch them, clearly hear their laughter and feel their pain as it punches you in your gut. Each exchange between characters that is written, brings such a deeper meaning to each individual part and there are connections that some may not see. By the end of the novel I was Gobsmacked and I can clearly say WOW, what a jaw dropping ending to the novel it is, the build-up has you thinking something else entirely and then, POW! You get kicked with this! It’s Excellent and if you don’t buy this and read it then you are missing out on THE BEST Novel of SUMMER 2014 – A Full 5 star Review! *****

✦✦ About the Author✦✦

Amy pic

I am Amy Lynn Garcia, daughter, sister, cousin, mother, nurse, grandma……call me Mimi I’m too young to be a grandma, writer and friend. We are all something to someone, and I love all the hats I wear in my life. I was born in 1969 which is where I lay blame to my compulsion to write erotica and romance, wink. That makes me…uh…yea 45, no way really? My mind is still very young but not naïve I’ve seen a lot and experienced more, you may think I don’t know what’s going on but be assured this Mama knows what’s up! I enjoy creating characters that have something people can relate to, who are real, addictive and intriguing. Love has always been a desire just out of my reach, as it is for many people. I believe that is what draws me into stories with superb happily ever afters. I want to connect with people on that level, let them know they aren’t alone, that love can triumph over all, we all long for that special one that takes our breath away.

My Biography simply put is this, I am a mother of 5 daughters, born and raised in Iowa, and no I don’t see farm animals on a daily basis, just at the state fair once a year. I live in the suburbs, just a mom trying to make it and support her children. Divorced once, and another long term relationship failed as well. I feel that qualifies me to write about relationship pain and disappointment. I worked a million retail jobs, was a receptionist in many hair salons, and attended college off and on for years before I finally settled down and went to college to become a nurse. Doing things the hard way is my specialty, point proven, I waited until I had 5 young daughters, one only 6 weeks old to go back to college. I received a degree in nursing and graduated from Mercy College of Health Sciences. I specialize in antepartum nursing or as I like to call it “The Anti-Birthing Unit” where we keep premature babies in utero as long as possible. I’ve always had a calling to help people, even at the age of 5 I created hospitals in my basement and gave my baby dolls shots in the butt. As much as nursing is my career, writing is my passion. Being creative has sparked a fire within me that is now burning out of control, ideas and characters flow from my mind constantly and unfortunately, when I’m driving or mowing the grass with no pen or paper. My ultimate goal when I write is to help my reader feel something, if your heart skips a beat, if you shed a tear, connect with my characters or if you can’t wait for the next in my series, my job has been done

✦✦ Fun Facts About Myself✦✦

  1. My favorite color is red but pink and purple will do in a pinch.
  2. I am horrified of the dentist, I can’t stand movies with any sort of torture by extracting teeth is involved
  3. I am seriously allergic to Beer, Sausage and Blue Cheese….not much fun at a Super Bowl party
  4. I’m from Iowa but I’ve only seen a farm a couple of times.
  5. I’m a registered nurse in obstetrics and I work every weekend night…again not much partying going on with me.
  6. When I was young I was the bad kid all the parents warned their kids about, trouble followed me everywhere and if it wasn’t following I was looking for it.
  7. I count stairs whenever I climb or descend them, I know how many steps are in every stair case I use frequently, and this would come in handy if I’m ever blind or in a power outage.
  8. I hate to cook and therefore suck at it, ask my five kids they will agree.
  9. Before I wrote Dark Kiss I hated even writing on a birthday card, I guess it’s the subject matter that drives me.
  10. My favorite flowers are lilacs, I think they are considered flowers right? I love to sit outside and just breathe in that scent

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