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*Review* #Addictive Pool of Crimson – Suzanne M Sabol

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Killing vampires is easy. Trusting one will be the hardest thing Dahlia Sabin has ever done.

Dahlia has lived a lonely existence as a killer of the undead. Known as The Blushing Death to those that fear her, Dahlia uncovers a plot by Columbus’s Master Vampire, Ethan. He intends to raise a demon from the depths of hell to destroy the city, cement his power, and take control.

In her pursuit to stop a demon from manifesting, Dahlia sinks deeper into the city’s supernatural underworld and discovers that vampires are not only deadly; one in particular could be dangerous to her very soul and her heart. Patrick, the Master vampire’s second-in-command with dark penetrating eyes and a cool, deadly sophistication, can’t stay away and Dahlia can’t tell him no. There’s something that neither of them knows, Ethan wants Dahlia’s unleashed power for himself and is willing to do anything to get it.

Dahlia is in a race against time to send the demon back to hell, at war with her better judgement trusting a dark and intriguing vampire with his own agenda, while struggling to save her own neck. As the portal to hell opens, Dahlia has only herself to rely on in order to survive, if she can . . .

Also be sure to check out more action in the second book of the series with Dahlia Sabin,

MIDNIGHT ASH #2 in the Blushing Death Series.

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I can confidently say, do not underestimate this novel because once it gets under your skin, it manages to bury itself there creating an unquenchable thirst for MORE……. Once I began reading Dahlia’s Story I was quickly hooked, no matter what I was doing during my normal day to day life, I had to find time to carry on reading. Squeezing in as much time as possible with stolen moments here and stolen moments there I still found myself sat up at night hungering for more as Dahlia’s life unfolded in the pages before me, I could not soak it all up fast enough.

Dahlia is a Vampire Hunter and a pretty darn good one at that, that is until she finds herself thrust further into the world of Vampires than she likes after killing a messenger from another faction and recovering an amulet. The amulet holds power that could change the course of history and the local Master Vampire, Ethan wants the amulet, but he doesn’t just want the amulet, unbeknown to Dahlia for his wicked plan to work, he wants and needs her too. She meets Patrick at an art gallery on her “night off” and instantly knows he is a Vampire, but there is just something about him that calls to her…..Something deep inside her delights at his scent, his nearness, but she pushes all of that down, he’s a Vampire for F*@k’s sake!! Killing Vampires are her business, not fantasising about them!

Try as she might to stay away from him, he follows her, even when she goes out on a date! She does everything she can to try and get him off her mind!! In between all of this hot, liquid lusting, raw sexual tension, Dahlia is trying to discover the ring of Vampires who are running rampant around the city dropping bodies. Using her womanly wiles she scores herself a ticket to one of the parties, enabling her to find out more than she bargained for. Getting herself caught in a room with a hungry Vampire is not what she was expecting but this is what she trains for, this is who she is…..The Blushing Death and this is who the Vampire ultimately meets before suffering his final death.

Dahlia doesn’t know she is The Blushing Death but as the book progresses she learns the truth about who she is and why she gravitates towards trouble, she is the warrior made to snuff out the darkness that threatens the light! As the novel progresses we see her evolve as a warrior and it is very empowering to read the plots that twist and turn, some upon themselves that eventually lead to the big reveal at the end…….

Patrick knows he has to keep his eye on the woman they believe to be the Blushing Death, but what he didn’t expect was for her to be so stunning! During his long years on this earth he has taken many lovers but not in a long time, Dahlia stirs something within him, something deep and primeval. No matter how he achieves it, he must make Dahlia his! Sexy, handsome and tall with rock hard abs and a body made for sin, this Vampire is delicious making him one hot, hot specimen that you will drool over! He is also not who he seems – Arrogant yet polite, deadly yet delicate this man, this Vampire is everything and everyone rolled into one – An Easy Contender for A Book BoyFriend!!

Ethan has plans for Dahlia, he wants her, her wants her blood, he wants her in all her glory as The Blushing Death. This puts Patrick in a precarious position as he is Ethan’s second in command and must do as he orders, can he fight this? Can he do everything in his power to ensure that Dahlia becomes his and not Ethans? The tricks he lays before her within the plot are ingenious, and exceptionally clever! Undertones within the entire novel ensure that Dahlia is right where she is supposed to be when she is supposed to be, the only thing uncertain is the outcome, and no one could foresee what actually happens! Trust me it is well worth waiting for!

Can Dahlia defeat Ethan whilst beating him at his own games, or will she succum to the darkness within? Wil Patrick manage to get Dahlia off his mind and follow Ethan’s orders for her to be his, or will he defy him and make Dahlia his? Too much is at stake, the walls are closing in on them all and one way or another in the end it will come down to The Blushing Death and her spilt blood.

I enjoyed this book so much I ended up buying MIDNIGHT ASH #2, then straight onto SLIVER OF SILVER #3, GOLDEN ANIDAE #4 and then finally BLACK DALLIANCES #5.I’m waiting on #6!! You will NOT regret reading POOL OF CRIMSON #1 (BLUSHING DEATH SERIES), it will whisk you away on a journey where you will meet some amazing characters, feel some heart wrenching moments, feel your heart soar and also feel complete anger at certain injustices, THAT is how good this series is! You will feel each and every moment, laugh and cry with each and every character – Suzanne Sabol has excelled herself within these novels and I for one cannot wait to read more, and I can give all of my thanks to reading Pool of Crimson #1 (Blushing Death Series) for my now anticipation and fascination of the entire series and how it continues!

5 STARS ***** Without Question!


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Suzanne M. Sabol is the author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. She has been writing from the age of 16 when she finished her first full-length novel. Suzanne M. Sabol graduated from The Ohio State University, majoring in Criminology, International Studies, Russian, and Political Science. She currently lives in Columbus Ohio with her husband and works as a Human Resources Professional and Fiscal Officer.







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