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FREE Reading – Call Me Cat by Karpov Kinrade plus a NEW Cover to Reveal!

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#FREE Karpov Kinrade, Author Call Me Cat #1!!! 5**** Novel

Call Me Cat by Karpov Kinrade


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Phone sex never leads to anything. Catelyn Travis does it for a living. She knows the rules of her new job. Fulfill their wildest fantasies. Keep them on the line. Don’t fall in love.

Ashton Davenport is a self-made billionaire used to getting what he wants. And he wants Catelyn. She isn’t looking for a relationship, but after Ashton calls her alter ego Cat, she finds him too charming, commanding and sexy to hang up on. She wants him.

And she’ll break all her rules to get him.

*Mature Content Warning* This book contains a lot of sex and a lot of swearing. It’s the first book in the Call Me Cat Trilogy.



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