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*Review* Hot Mature Erotic Romance – Regretfully by Leighton Riley

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Regretfully by Leighton Riley

Release Date: Oct 16, 2014

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How do you heal after everything has been ripped away from you?

Completely devastated and alone, Tristen cannot fathom life after losing Cami and his unborn child. He attempts to find normality in his broken world but everything seems wrong.

Aria is compelled to help Tristen and cannot escape the undeniable connection she feels for him, even though Cami was one of her closest friends. She tries to help him move forward by befriending him but quickly realizes that there is more.

Tristen and Aria are both struggling to deal with these confusing emotions. Can they find happiness even when they feel utterly broken?

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“I don’t- I’ve always been the sister-type, never like this.  Do you really want this?  I don’t expect anything afterwards, but are you really attracted to me like that?”  She murmured, so unsure of herself.  Her hands landed on my bare chest and glided over my nipple piercings.  The sensitivity was there and I briefly thought about what it would feel like having her luscious lips wrapped around them. 

“Listen to me.  Listen very carefully because you should already know this.  You’re gorgeous, inside and out.  We never saw you as our sister, we all respected you though.  You were the one everyone wanted but never had a chance with.  I could call up any of our surfing friends and they’d agree.  Hell, the girls knew it too.  When one of the guys started working up the nerve to ask you on a date, the others would warn about what would happen if he hurt you.  I guess we all kinda cock blocked you.”  I rub my neck, realizing how we were back then.  “I’m sorry for that.”

Regretfully is a Very emotional read, so make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready because you are going to need them. You can easily see that the author has really put a lot of herself into this novel as well as being inspired by members of her street team and readers for her characters which she speaks of very openly when asked about the true inspiration for her characters.

The book starts of with a gaping wound, the wounded heart of Tristen who has lost his girlfriend and mother of his unborn child in a freak accident whilst out surfing. But Cami wasn’t just any girlfriend she is the true other half of his soul and because her twin Ryder,(who also happens to be his best friend and was also there when the accident happened) doesn’t, well didn’t know about their relationship, he feels the need to implode his heart tearing apart from the inside. Yes, they were friends first, he, Cami and Ryder were inseparable growing up and always hung out together – it was only a matter of time that Tristen and Cami would fall hopelessly in Love with one another. Just before the accident Tristen believed he had the world at his feet, he was in Love with a beautiful woman who loved him back with a passion and they had also just found out that they were going to be a real family, Cami was pregnant. But the day of the accident stripped all of that away from him leaving him bare.

After the funeral Ryder leaves, wanting space – Tristen never gets to tell him the truth about him and Cami. With him gone Tristen is left to live out each day in terrible pain wondering how he is going to move on – That is until he meets Aria……

Aria knew Cami way back when, but they had been out of touch for a long time, meeting Tristen she knows she should stay away but the magnetic pull is too strong. For Tristen, at first listening to Aria and getting to know her feels like he still has a connection to Cami, but as time goes on he begins to have conflicting feeling towards Aria – Could she be the light to his darkness?

Join Tristen ad Aria on this insane Journey of heartbreak, love and loyalty with a MASSIVE twist thrown in!!! A pretty good book, the only thing that let it down was that by the end I felt nothing had massively been accomplished, the twist was very unexpected but then created a vacuum, like something was missing….. 4****Stars

– The birth date on the gravestone is my actual date of birth 😉

– I try to include names from my street team and readers in my books. (Rebecca, Elixix, Tami, Cassia were all from them in Regretfully)

– Tristen got his name from a good friend of mine. She was with me in the beginning of my writing process and her boyfriend’s name was Tristen and I fell in love with the name. 

– I saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity and one of the performers had his nipples pierced. I was sold and knew Tristen would be getting them. 😀

– I was able to relate to Tristen in some ways regarding Cami’s death. A boyfriend of mine was taken from this world too soon and I drew from those memories. 

– Gloria’s is my favorite Latin restaurant and I had to include it in the book. The one I go to is in Dallas though. 

– Aria’s flashback (you’ll know which one I’m talking about, hint- alcohol) was tough for me to write. I spent weeks on it, making sure it was accurate and written in a respectable manner. That’s one scene I don’t go back and reread very much, but it’s often on my mind.

Texas born and raised, I found my love for dirty books rather recently.  I work in real estate for my day job and I write contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and erotica.  Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones.  Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder’s story).  Tate’s story, Deceitfully, will finish off the series and will be out in spring of 2015.

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