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#NewRelease #Review *Death Design (Daughters Of Darkness #3) by N.L Hoffmann – On Tour*

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The Daughters of Darkness BannerDeath Design is Available Now!

Death Design

Sin Noble is the President’s personal assassin, due to her unique ability to kill. What most don’t know is, he’s also her brother, and not at all the cuddly or loving kind, either. After surviving a difficult childhood and life on the streets, she adapted to her murder-for-hire lifestyle by going against nature and using her reaping powers to take enemies of the President before their time. As Death incarnate, Sin has the unique ability to alter the Death Design—the pattern that decides who should die, and when.

But tempting fate doesn’t come without a price. Or a questionable relationship with alcohol.

When she is sent by her brother to assassinate a suspected blackmailer, Sin soon realizes that the situation is more complicated than he let on. She is partnered with another employee of the President, Liam Sanders, whom she hates with a passion. When push comes to shove, that passion soon turns into something her hormones can’t refuse, and Sin can’t live without.

Constantly running up against her Supernatural fathers and sarcastic sisters, Sin’s tangled web of a mission reveals that The Covert is once again preying on all of the world’s inhabitants. Sin is desperate to discover the truth before she decides to take another life outside the Death Design. Will she be able to accomplish the impossible, while being pursued herself by mysterious dark forces? One thing is certain: no can escape their destiny.

All will be revealed in the Death Design.

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Taking out a precut head of Reed, I taped it to the girl’s body, and then showed him. “I kind of like your legs better in this one.”

“I am your boss. So when I say that I need you to investigate, then you need to go do it,” he said, becoming impatient. Another thing that he had also developed since becoming the President: impatience. He wanted his way, a hundred percent of the time.

Placing his new body in a hidden box I had in my desk drawer, I finally met his dark brown-eyed gaze. “Look, just because you are the President of our wonderful country, doesn’t mean I am at your beck and call. I still have rights, you know. Not only that, I am not your pet killer. I don’t just go around sending people to the other side because you said so. It has to be their time, and you know how the process works.”

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N.L Hoffmann has continually surprised me throughout The Daughter’s Of Darkness Series, and after falling in Love with the feisty daughter’s of Lucifer, I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of the third and final installment within the series; Death Design. As soon as the ARC hit my inbox I quickly opened it up abandoning all of my other current working projects and tucked straight in……….Who will the 3rd Daughter and Sister to Blake (DOD #1) and Jacey (DOD #2) truly be?

 Death Design (Daughter’s Of Darkness #3) by N.L Hoffmann continues to transition the  main plot theme from novel to novel in the series with a fluidity and grace allowing you to easily remember just where you were are up to at the end of Shadow Cursed #2, making the opening pages of Death Design #3 somewhere you feel right at home, as if you never left! Following the story of the third and final sister Sin Noble, we discover straightaway that she has quite a bit of knowledge about who she is, or so she thinks……. As sister to the President of the United States, Sin’s gifts have been used and overly taken advantage of at times in order to “protect” the President’s affairs of State. Part of a “Security Team/Hit Woman Team” of Sorts she has been placed on assignment with her least favourite person Liam Saunders in order to take out a suspected blackmailer.

 Each sister has unique powers and Sin is no different, she is in fact Death herself, A Reaper who is able to take the souls of those who have just died and pass them over to either their peace or to their judgment. But Sin is no ordinary Reaper, she is able to go against the Death Design and take a person’s soul before their time but with each soul she takes the price keeps getting higher and higher, and even though she had made her thoughts perfectly clear to her brother, he still keeps sending her on missions. Because she never knew her father and was brought up by an awful mother, Sin lived on the street for a very long time, that was until her brother showed up and found her explaining they shared a father and that he would take her in effectively taking her off the streets. Because of this although she seems to have a Love/Hate relationship with him, she is still loyal because she believe she owes him for what he did. With such a complicated past combined with the toll on her both emotionally and physically from being a Reaper it is easy to see why Sin finds solace at the bottom of a bottle.

 Liam is one cocky son of a b*t@h, confident, striking, tall, a born ladies man with a Southern charm, and someone who exudes pure masculine raw sex appeal. On top of all that he isn’t human, but yet even though Sin as a Reaper should be able to identify what species, she draws a blank with Liam, he is a pure mystery. Wrap all of that together and you have a perfectly oiled, tight spring of a man that is dangerous…….. Sin hates to work with him because of his whoreish ways but yet senses there is more to everything than meets the eye about him, and not just because she cannot figure out what supernatural being he is. On the road to meet their target the close quarters force Sin to listen to Liam and his constant flirty banter, something than normally just annoys her, but this time something is different, somehow the connection between the two has changed and although he continues to flirt and badger her to at least go out with him just once on a date, she begins to feel some serious sexual vibes from him that heat up her blood and spark her interests all over her body, but unable to admit how she feels she continues to keep her walls up.

 Once they arrive at the motel that the suspect is staying at, Sin gets out and sets foot onto a pathway that not even she in her wildest of dreams could have ever foreseen. Surrounded by lies, secrets, supernatural beings and the fact that everyone seems to know exactly who she is, someone even she doesn’t know she is, finding out about her sisters, meeting Lucifer, understanding the true scope of her powers, meeting others of her kind and discovering her destiny all whilst being surrounded by not one but several hot hunky men all vying for her attention all the while her hormones and sex drive go on high alert (Phew! Now That’s A LOT to take in! and that’s not everything?………..(No Spoilers Here I’m Afraid)) will have Sin trying quickly to figure out just who is on her side because not everyone is who they seem and someone she thought she could trust has nothing but bad intentions for her…..

Can Blake and Jacey convince Sin to join them and fulfil their united destiny? Or will someone stand in their way in order to convince Sin she doesn’t need them? Will they all get out of this alive…..? Because once the final sister is found and united with her sisters regardless of whether she joins them or not the countdown to the Death Design‘s final move cannot be stopped and everyone has their price to pay……especial Sin Noble……………………….

 Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!! It’s a huge shame it’s the end of the series and I implore N.L Hoffmann to write more in the series because there is so much more that could be expanded upon! If 6 Stars could be awarded for this novel and the series I would happily give it but unfortunately universally we can only go up to 5. So it is with great pleasure I can award Death Design (Daughter’s Of Darkness #3) by N.L Hoffman a full 5*****Stars for one hot and steamy fantasy romance novel!

About the Author:

N.L Hoffmann is a paranormal romance author that just completed her first series called The Daughters of Darkness. Currently she has three books out, Blood Slaves, Shadow Cursed and the new release, Death Design.

Hoffmann was born in Germany to her German native mother and her American soldier father. The family moved home to the states, where she grew up in a rural farm town in Michigan with her parents and two younger brothers. There, in her pre-teens, is when she began writing and developed her love for literature.

Today, Hoffmann resides in Missouri with her husband and three children, where she published her first book Blood Slaves in January 2014 When Hoffmann isn’t busy putting words on the page she enjoys reading, drawing, playing pranks on her husband, and spending time with her family.


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