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*Review* #NewRelease #NightfallisHere : Court of Nightfall (The Nightfall Chronicles #1) by Karpov Kinrade

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Court of Nightfall Banner
Court Of Nightfall (The Nightfall Chronicles #1) by Karpov Kinrade

Court Of Nightfall Cover

You think you know what is right and what is wrong? Then tell me if this man should die. He is my enemy. He is to be my end.

He is the one I love.

I have spent my life in shades of grey. I have died and returned to a world of color. I have fought an Angel and lived. I have kissed the Prince of Ravens. I have faced the Lord of Night and made him kneel. I was accepted into the Four Orders, and I created the fifth. I freed the Shadow of Rome. I sat upon the Twilight Throne.

The man asks for my surrender. He asks for peace. He is too late. The girl he knew is gone, and death is in her place. I am Nightfall, and this is my story. You think you know it?

Think again……

Review Black

WOW, WOW, WOW! Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade is the injection of Superhero Sci-Fi I needed and the main lead is Female! Yes! Score for the girls there! All too often Sci-Fi novels are dominated with male leading characters with the female characters coming a close second in supporting roles. But this is not the case in this totally Epic, hugely Fantastical and downright Amazing novel written by the Dynamic Duo themselves – Karpov Kinrade.

We begin the book meeting Scarlett Night who lives in Helena, Montana with her parents. Because she has always enjoyed being in the skies due to her father’s plane, learning to fly became second nature so the Court of Nightfall begins by her trying to take her Second Class Medical Certificate so that she is able to get her pilot’s licence and begin flight training. But the only problem is, is that Scarlett is colour blind. Being colour blind since birth Scarlett has never seen the world as we know it only in different shades of grey but within the Sci-Fi world that Karpov Kinrade have created, Scarlett has an aid to help her, her own e-Glass called Evie who is the artificial intelligence within it. Scarlett is a bit of a hacker and we see glimpses of her skills throughout the novel but her greatest creation has to be Evie as she has helped program her to be the most advanced and unique AI on the planet as she is able to hack without Scarlett’s help but Scarlett has put in a fail safe so Evie always asks her if she is sure of her commands before she executes them. She is also unusual in her looks as she has silver eyes and very pale blonde hair, but it has always been believed that because of her colour blindness they are a genetic abnormality but no matter what her appearance is striking to say the least.

Scarlett’s parents are unusual in their paranoia and even have their own bunker where they keep supplies and canned goods so if another war comes the family atleast will be able to survive. Within this amazing world you see there has been a huge war years before, a war involving not just humans but also something else something no one expected… Angels and Nephilim bringing in their wake a new breed of human, human with traces of Nephilim in them, they began to exhibit powers, para-powers and after the war they became second class citizens, badly treated, feared and controlled.

Jax is her best friend, slightly older than her he has been a huge influence on her life and has been very close to her as they grew up. His dad unfortunately had passed away when they were young but Scarlett’s father always kept Jax close even allowing him to work for him in exchange for using his plane for time in the sky. Both Jax and Scarlett shared their love for flying together and even planned to go in to a military career with the United Front Initiative in order to be able to fly internationally and defend the innocent whilst flying a fighter plane. When Jax tells Scarlett that he is leaving to go to New York he breaks her heart as unbeknown to him Scarlett has been in love with him for years and has been wishing that he would notice her in a way that was not “just friends”.

That night Everything changes and Scarlett’s world is ripped apart, well that is putting it very lightly indeed. Scarlett comes home early to find her parents arguing, her father agrees to tell her what is going on and takes her down to the bunker, what Scarlett always thought was an off limits apocalypse survival bunker turns out to be a secret hide out with some high tech items inside. The time for truth is upon them and her father confesses to her that they are not who she thought they were, in fact they are protectors, protectors of a great and deadly weapon that was stolen from the Angels. This night Scarlett changes and a new and exciting journey into a world that lies beneath the world she thought she knew begins……A world where what she thought was truth becomes lies and the people she is close to become strangers, nothing is simple and everything becomes an adventure into the unknown….

A true phoenix rising from the ashes, Scarlett becomes Nightfall the Superhero of dreams and nightmares alike but can she become who she needs to whilst protecting who she is? Or will the truth hurt her enough to tempt her into the dark…….

Court of Nightfall, The Last Nephilim by Karpov Kinrade is just simply Epic! Perfect for kids, teens and adults alike! 5 Stars *****


Karpov Kinrade Author PhotoKarpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife writing duo of bestselling, award-winning authors Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov.

Together, they write fantasy, paranormal, mystery, Sci-Fi, contemporary and romance and hook readers into new and exciting worlds that will leave you laughing your ass off, crying your heart out and falling in love.

Look for more from Karpov Kinrade in the Kiss Me series, Seduced Saga, the Forbidden Trilogy, Hitched Series, Call Me Cat Series, The Nightfall Chronicles and many more coming soon.

They live with three little girls who think they’re ninja princesses with super powers and who are also showing a propensity for telling tall tales and using the written word to weave stories of wonder and magic.


Karpov Kinrade


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