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Reviewed – #HotRelease : Broken by Stace Lee

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Broken by Stace Lee



Skyla wanted to be an ordinary girl, but all her life she’s been called a freak. She absorbs the impact of negative emotions from others around her. Could it have anything to do with her glowing violet eyes?

Plagued with nightmares after her father’s death, Skyla is struggling with the monsters that invade her mind and body. She wants to be an average girl and do normal things…with the only guy that could ground her, so she doesn’t feel out of control.

Cam, the hot new guy that lives in Skyla’s apartment building, is dying to get near her. He can feel the pull between them, but he doesn’t want to scare her off with what he knows could help her. Is Cam the only one that can curb this appetite of sensitivity and keep her from becoming emotionally unstable?

Or will her emotions be too much and she will remain broken and unloved?

Cam Teaser

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Broken by Stace Lee is a very interesting novel that not only has romantic overtones but also has a running supernatural theme which twists in very nicely within the main plot. The main plot is really good and I truly enjoyed it, although it did seem to take sometime to get started with the “getting to know you” phase lasting nearly 80% of the novel. The final problematic part seemed short but to the point and some of the supernatural plot lines were not fully explained nor explored as far as it could have as the novel had much more potential which would have turned this good novel into a brilliant one. As far as first novels go, Stace Lee has had a brilliant original idea that is well written, flows well, holds your interest and definitely worth a read.

Skyla is a young girl who has felt the loss of her father deeply, with her mother hardly interested in her and no other support Skylar retreats into herself shunning people away and only finding solace in music. But there is something that this beautiful but violet eyed girl is hiding, she can feel other’s emotions. Most of the time it is their negative emotions that effect her the most leading her to be in pain and physically ill. Unable to deal with people around her let alone close she has no friends or a boyfriend. Everyone around her mocks her eyes calling her a freak and just this simple difference, let alone her emotional well being takes its toll on her, combined with the loss of her father, Skylar feels…….Broken

Cam is always in physical pain within and after the death of his friend, who has told him about his perfect match- his soul mate, he goes off the rails instead of doing what he should……going to find her as her father asked him to. All he knows is her name….Skylar, but not where she is, he knows that she is the perfect other half of himself and that in order to no longer be in pain he has to find her. After years of giving into his grief and disbelief of all he knows he decides to go in search of her, feeling guilty that he had not looked for her sooner and that if anything should of happened to her he could not forgive himself. Losing himself in his music he gets on his bike and hits the road.

Will he be able to find her in time to stop outside emotions from overtaking her mind?

Will Skylar be able to trust Cam and see him for who he is and what he can offer her?

Together can they become whole………UnBroken……?

A 4**** Star Novel based on the originality and potential in the storyline Stace Lee has given us 🙂

Cam Teaser 3


Sklya Teaser


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