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Review: #NewRelease #WickedlyWhipped Whipped (Hitched #2) by Karpov Kinrade

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Whipped (Hitched #2) by Karpov Kinrade




Whipped continues on the exceptional exploits of the Hitched gang, specifically Vi the sexy red headed Dominatrix and in any novel that’s based on a sassy, sexy and a laugh a minuet woman who gets to meet a slick sex on legs Aussie is a Novel I want to read! I massively enjoyed Hitched and I was chuffed to bits that Karpov Kinrade decided to make this into a series rather than a stand a lone and although you could read Whipped as a stand a lone it is a much better read after you include Hitched as it sets the scene for this epic group of friends, their interrelationship patterns, likes, loves and one hell of a set of story lines!

In Whipped the main character Vi is co-owner of a sex shop in Vegas with one of her best friends (Zoe) and in her line if work she has just about seen everything including an elderly woman buying an extra large 14″ dildo! But you see Vi used to take on clients as a Dominatrix but not for quite a while since her last relationship (with an ex-sub) didn’t quite work out. Lucky in Love is something Vi is not….

Now go the smoking hot Aussie with solidly sculptured abs who could not GT anymore like a wet dream come true – Aussie Possie’s finest dancer and stripper Lachlan. Lachlan is not the guy you think he is, his appearance is quite deceiving with his hot Aussie surf boy looks and a body that is every woman’s wet dream, Lachlan is hot as hell itself and boy do you want to become a sinner! Walking into VI’s store on a regular basis with a new girl on his arm every time you can forgive vi for thinking that he is a player, which is a total turn off even if single handily he is almost keeping the store in the black lol Even so he has a quality about him that Vi notices although she does try to fight it.

After the debacle that was her last relationship she isn’t looking for a guy but what she is looking for is a room mate because trying to keep the store going and pay the rent on time is stretching her finances thinly. Meeting a potential room mate online after advertising she agrees to meet him at her flat where they can discuss the terms, he has already informed her that he is happy to pay upfront (helping her cash flow problem) and also that it’s not long term he is looking for as he is just waiting for his new home to go through. Vi is nervous enough to “interview” in person her potential room mate even though they have been chatting for weeks online and seem to get along brilliantly, not sure who to expect is what has her nerves on edge but what she didn’t expect was for Lachlan to walk through the door – He was the one she had been getting along so brilliantly with and he is the one she has been ogling in the shop, how on Earth is this supposed to work?! Can she keep her hands to herself?

Lachlan cannot believe his luck when Vi opens the door to the flat he is coming to look at as a potential house share and on the spot he gives her the entire rent in advance and declares that this is the place for him because secretly he has a thing for her too but he isn’t interested in more than a one night stand where as Vi isn’t that kind of girl………

What ensues is a game of cat and mouse with everything to play for and everything to lose……..Living together can only bring them together or it can push them further apart……….

I really enjoyed whipped by Karpov Kinrade, I found that this continuation in the Hitched series was really well thought out, allowed you to get to know Vi and Lachlan, and really pulled you in as a reader, the only issue I found was that it was missing a certain quality that it just didn’t bring over from the first Hitched novel. In Hitched (Hitched #1) there was much more excitement, enticement and had moments that had you hold your breath in anticipation, Whipped (Hitched #2) although a brilliant novel and a definite must read, lacks this I do hope they bring this back in the third installment in the series.

I am only rating this novel 4**** Stars because I personally feel it misses something and if it had “it” just like the first novel I would have certainly given it 5 without a shadow of a doubt.




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