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*Internet Exclusive Review* BLOOD-BONDED BY FORCE (The Community Series #3) by Tracy Tappan

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The Vârcolac warriors face their biggest challenge when one of the demented Topside Om Rău goes rogue and starts stealing Fey power, driving them all toward an Otherworld apocalypse.

With a single act of unspeakable cruelty, half-demon Pändra Parthen permanently binds herself to Vârcolac warrior Thomal Costache. Stuck together for life, the two enemies must find a way to live with what cannot be undone. As time apart from her ruthless father allows Pändra to uncover her true self, she tries to mend the breach with Thomal. But he is stalled in seething rage, troubled by an inner turmoil even deeper than the abuse he suffered at Pändra’s hands. To free Thomal, Pändra makes a perilous sacrifice…and lands herself in the demon town of Oţărât.

Half-Rău Big Nỵko Brun is the one man who has a slim hope of breaching Oţărât. But Nỵko took himself out of the hero business after failing the people he loves too many times. He even abandoned Faith Teague, the woman who was destined to be his mate. Left to fend for herself while her world crumbles around her, Faith also makes a sacrifice that traps her in the violent hell of Oţărât. Now the fate of both women rests on Nỵko’s enormous shoulders, but he can’t manage a rescue without Thomal’s help…and then only if the proud Vârcolac can somehow find room in his heart for his enemy.

**Content warning: not intended for gentle readers, this book contains profanity, violence, and intense adult situations**


I have followed this series since I got my hands on book two in the series (The Purest Of The Breed). After reading it and being utterly impressed,  I greedily devoured book one (The Bloodline War) before feeling the usual withdrawal symptoms that you get when a wicked series that you have really enjoyed is making you wait for the next installment! Luckily Tracy Tappan didn’t make me wait too long and even gave me this exclusive opportunity to read book 3 in The Community Series, Blood-Bonded By Force in advance of the ARC  schedule that is distributed amount selected websites and bloggers for Review – For That Tracy I feel honoured and I am totally astounded by what is the best Novel by far in this series yet!

So just who do we meet in this installment? As we know Raymond and The Community are in a race to uncover new women who have dragon genes within them in order for them to be able to keep their race alive,  for them to be able to breed.  With Father in one corner (Raymond) and Daughter in the other (Toni) along with the rest of the warriors/council,  they are pitted against each other with them both having polar opposite ideas on life,  the value of those lives,  how people are treated and many other important points which include Raymond’s almost abduction of her (more than one) causing significant emotional distress. At this point Toni is pregnant and due soon,  not that this would bother Raymond he would still love to get his hands on her,  not only to breed her because of her Fae bloodline but also because of her power only she like him is able to remove the precious immortality rings that his minions and family wear.

In this Novel we also get to know Pandra,  Raymond’s middle daughter,  and Toni’s sister. Her personality when we initially meet her is just plain a total bitch who is sadistic,  narcissistic and quite possibly socialpathical.  She enjoys doling out pain to others,  to be the centre of attention, and is very nasty.  We meet her on the floor of her father’s study with her intestines hanging out on the floor with no immortality ring on,  her father has doled out punishment, and his methods are even more sadistic than she is,  it is no wonder she has grown up to be who she is after seeing her many brothers go through similar/less/worse punishments all her life. Although she knows her dad places Toni as his favourite daughter above her given his obsession,  she is still shocked by his nasty and cruel words of how she is such a disappointment to him, leaving her to die there on the floor as he turns his back on her and leaving her ring just out of her reach. 

Afterone of brothers takes pity on her and makes sure she gets her immortality ring back on so she is able to heal in time they make a deal to go out together so she can go out and “blow off steam”.  When they do get chance to get together to go out Pandra finds her brother in possession of 2 of the enemy,  Thomal and his brother Arc. Pandra decides to have some fun with them and begins to Sexual molest Arc,  but with him married nothing is happening in that department and when it is clear her intent is to rape him,  Thomal jumps in and offers up himself to take his brothers place as he is single only he knows just what it entails that he must do in order to break through the barrier.  Pandra has no idea about their culture or the “rules” involved in order for Thomal to get some lead in his pencil,  so to speak,  so he can take his brothers place in the rape so that they can both walk away free from this precarious situation.  After drinking Pandra’s blood he is able to go through with her demands,  only she makes Arc  watch all the way through as his punishment,  and for her kicks.  Trying to convince himself as long as he doesn’t cum in her their bond will not be complete making it null and void.  What he doesn’t realise is that Pandra has other ideas.

Thomal finding himself in a right nasty situation decides that because Arc is married and he is not it is the only sensible option.  Bonding with Pandra wasn’t part of the plan and after he shoots his load she gets up as if nothing has happened and walks away from them both.  As punishment Arc was made to watch the rape and it does cause significant problems as the Novel goes on.  Going into withdrawal because he cannot feed from anyone else,  because he cannot sent her or be near her due to the forced bond begins to start killing him it becomes a race against time to save him.  Finding Pandra is a top priority in order for Thomal to survive…..

Will they be able to find her in time?  Will Thomal have the strength to survive the terrible ordeal?  Can Arc forgive himself? 

We also meet a few new characters,  principally, the twins Faith and Kacie.  The girls initially think they are meeting with a ballet company owned by Raymond (obviously a lie) because it turns out that they are Royal Fae,  Royal Dragon lienage so are the ultimate when it comes to being acquired assets for either side. The team finds out and manages to re-create their plane and snatch them up under Raymond’s nose.  Drugged they are brought down into The Community where they unfortunately wake up unexpectedly during a fight only to see the truth about them,  fangs and all! This scares the shit out of them and Nyko,  who is the biggest of all the warriors is singled out as being the worst of them all- when in reality he was only doing his job.

This part of the couples story centers around Nyko and Faith. To him she smells like cookies,  his favourite food and he knows she is his mate straight away. But she fears him and also doesn’t want to stay in The Community.  She used to be a prima ballerina until she hurt her knee in an accident.  Clinging onto the past,  unable to let go she cannot see past her own blind faith in herself that it will get better when there is a true reality that she is feeling alone,  and that without her twin she cannot function.

Going out with Nyko creates surprises for her and also a lot of pain, nothing runs smoothly but then again if things were easy they wouldn’t be worth it…… 

You even have fifth elements,  Fairies and true Fae! 

An excellent Novel that I really enjoyed and is perfect for those fans of fantasy and some totally hot & steamy sex!!





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