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#Exclusive Review: Spearwood Academy Volume Five by A. S. Oren

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Spearwood Academy Volume Five by A. S. Oren



A devastated Avalon must face a whole new kind of Spearwood in the aftermath of the cliffhanger in Volume four. Will she succeed, or will she crumble? Will there be any of her boys around to help her? Only time will tell in Volume Five of Spearwood Academy.


Avalon, in the short time she has been a student at Spearwood, has gone through some highly crazy things! Volume Five is no exception to that rule – Beginning with an earth shattering event that changes everything, Avalon must face trial after being framed. As she is the only living female dragon they do seem to take it into consideration but they do also seem to be making it very hard on her leaving her to believe not everything is as it seems and not everyone is who they seem either.

With others still brainwashed, not knowing her truth Avalon struggles to know who to trust but with the help from an unlikely source she might just make it through – Only to wear a crown that will judge her worthy to remain alive or to die upon placing it on her head. Will this be the final part of Avalon’s tale or will the unexpected become even more unexpected? Find out in Spearwood Academy Volume Five by A.S Oren – Expertly written yet again to hold your attention right from the start and leave you breathless with a cliffhanger!

The perfect YA Fantasy Series!

5***** Stars


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