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Dark and Stormy Knight by Nina Mason

Author: Nina Mason
Series and Order: The Knights of Avalon, #2
Genres: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Erotica
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Heat level: Very steamy with light BDSM
Formats: E-book and paperback
Online Retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & Google Play

She’ll risk everything for their love—even her life.

Aspiring screenwriter Gwyn Morland is ready for her big break. That means securing the film rights to elusive author Lady Ruthven’s acclaimed novel—which means travelling to Scotland. It’s a trip timid Gwyn isn’t prepared for, and her fears seem justified when her tour bus careens over a cliff outside of Castle Glenarvon. But the plot thickens when Gwyn is rescued from the brink of death by a handsome and mysterious stranger…

Leith MacQuill is not only the writer behind Lady Ruthven’s novel, but a shape-shifting faery knight bearing a tragic curse: the woman he gives his heart to will die. Saving Gwyn proves to be a dangerous choice when he finds himself falling for her the longer she stays in the castle. Not even his usual BDSM role-playing games are enough to thwart the intense desire they feel for each other. But to stay together, Gwyn and Leith must embark on a dangerous mission into Avalon, the realm of the faeries. Will their love be strong enough to conquer the curse? Or will Gwyn’s new life be stolen from her before it’s even begun?

Here’s a little bit about The Knights of Avalon series in Nina’s own words:

 The Knights of Avalon, the four-part erotic PNR/UF series, was born of a simple idea: to write a series incorporating different forms of divination. From that kernel grew the far more complex world of the series. The “knights” of Avalon, the enchanted otherworld isle featured in Arthurian and Celtic legend, were Scottish noblemen who, after falling in battle, were taken by the fairies to serve as breeding drones to their queen. Each of the four books in the series tells the story of a particular knight and the heroine whose love saves him from his unhappy existence.

Each knight in the series grapples with a different relationship with Morgan Le Fay, the cruel and selfish queen of Avalon. Callum Lyon, the hero of STARRY KNIGHT (book one), is free of Morgan’s influence, having escaped enslavement by faking his own death. Leith MacQuill, the hero of DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT (book two), was expelled from Avalon after the queen discovered his affair with one of her scouts. In book three, KNIGHT OF ENCHANTMENT, Axel Lochlann, a Scottish runemaster of Viking descent, guards the portal between Hitherworld (our realm) and Thitherworld (the otherworldly realm). The fourth knight, Finn MacKnight, doesn’t know what he is or that he’s destined to fulfil an ancient prophecy telling of the queen’s overthrow by a “natural-born” drone. Because of this prophecy, Morgan kills all the male children she bears and punishes the knights who father them Avalonian knights are vampire-like, but not vampires per se. Members of the Unseelie Fae, they drink blood and can assume the form of any creature they choose, but generally take the form of a particular animal to hunt. Callum’s preferred form is a lion, Leith’s is a Kellas Cat (a cross between a wild cat and a domestic cat found only in Scotland), Axel’s is a gyrfalcon, and Finn’s will be a jaguar.


After being told by a friend about this sensational and very different take on Morgan Le Faye, as an English woman and an Arthurian fan I just had to check this series out. Starting at the first novel; Stary Knight (Knights of Avalon 1), I was entranced by Nina Mason‘s take on the traditional tale of which she has with her poetic licence created a world for you to delve into that will entrance, entrap and spell bind you to this tale of Erotic Mature Adult Fantasy. She has delivered on so much and promised so much more that by the end of book 1 you cannot wait to delve immediately into book 2 in the series.

Dark and Stormy Knight (Knights of Avalon 2) is the perfect accompaniment to book 1 and an exceptional continuation to the series. Many brilliant first novel burn brightly but then burn out by book 2, to a very disappointing scrabble of plot lines that leave a lot to be desired. Nina Mason here, has created an exceptional novel in Dark and Stormy Knight (Knights of Avalon 2), it continues from the first novel seamlessly, the plot lines are consistent and the leading characters hot as hell, regardless they are the scorching male lead or the stunning female lead, their co-characters are fully supporting and intriguing in both their back stories as well as possible future features within the series…

Leith MacQuill, the hot male lead and an ex-slave to the Queen of Avalon; Morgan Le Faye, has spent his years writing under a sudo name “Lady Ruthlvens” – a romance writer living within his families ancestral home in Scotland, keeping himself to himself so as not to draw attention to the fact that he does not age. Gwyn Morland a screenwriter and long time fan of Lady Ruthlvens work books a place on a tour bus that visits near the grounds of “her” home in anticipation, with a snippet of good luck, in being able to meet this elusive writer and convince “her” to turn “her” books into screenplays.

A chance encounter has the pair meeting but its not under the circumstances Gwyn could ever foresee and for Leith he has no intention of meeting anyone, but he meets Gwyn in a unique way that creates an event that spirals both of their lives out of control. Gravitating toward each other no matter how hard they try and stay apart,their relationship sees them taking steps for them both to travel to the land of Faerie, to Avalon where Leith comes face to face with the one woman he thought he would never see again…. Morgan Le Faye, you see he never let him go willingly and gave him a “gift” when he left Avalon, one that is a mortal danger to anyone who gets close to Leith and Leith must do everything in his power to save the day, but is it Gwyn who needs to save Leith??

An astonishing, addictive and amazing read that will leave you breathless in many places because the chemistry between Leith and Gwyn is sizzling almost burning your finger tips as you turn the pages of this epic second instalment to what gives promise to a brilliant series!

5 ***** Stars!!

About the Author

Nina Mason is a hopeful romantic with strong affinities for
history, mythology, and the metaphysical. She strives to write the same
kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate,
and enlighten. When not writing, Nina works as a communications
consultant, doll maker, and home stager. Born and raised in Southern
California, she now lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with her husband,
teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie named Robert.

In addition to Dark and Stormy Knight, she is the author of the following books: Starry Knight (Knights of Avalon #1), Devil in Duke’s Clothing (Royal Pains #1), The Duke’s Bedeviled Bride (Royal Pains #2), The Devil’s Masquerade (Royal Pains #3), The Queen of Swords, and The Tin Man.


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