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15th­ – 17th January 2016

sam free

Obsession by Samantha Harrington

#Dark #Romance #LustRevengeLove 

Faith I had it all, friends, designer everything and money. With my degree in the bag it was my time to shine, a new beginning just for me. To live my life my way and not to conform to anyone else’s plan. One day changed all of that and everything I knew was taken away from me. When It happens, that one catastrophic event, the person I was before was ripped away from me in the blink of an eye. How could I deal with the pain of betrayal? Will I ever be able to deal with what happened? To find my inner strength to get me through or will the person I once was cease to exist? After everything that happened and everything I learn, can I ever go back to who I was before? Who can you trust, when you lose yourself?

Warning: This book contains mature themes and language. This book may contain triggers for some readers. Intended for readers 18+ only this is a dark erotic romance

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