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❤️          NEW RELEASE BY DON ABDUL      ❤
❤️                         CHECKMATE                       ❤
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Checkmate Book Cover
Release Date: 19th August

CHECKMATE is actually a re-release from years ago that Don had with another publisher.  It has been sitting in the corner needing to be read!  Bitten Press has been patiently waiting for this little gem.  One of the owners says this is his BEST yet… her favorite by far!


Handsome black employee Stan Jordan is seduced by Peggy Munroe, the only child of the firm’s white conservative C.E.O.  Stan’s situation gets further complicated when the sexual encounter is caught on video by Constance Munroe, Peggy’s devious stepmother.

Threatening Stan with exposure, Mrs. Munroe blackmails him into becoming her sex slave.  Submitting to her brutal domination and humiliation, Stan secretly plots his revenge whilst struggling to keep the shameful secret of his servitude from his girlfriend, Peggy.

The devious machinations scripted by Fix, Stan’s childhood friend, turns the table on Constance.  The ruthless Domme suddenly finds herself at the mercy of the man she had so wickedly abused.  In order to secure her freedom, Constance must do the counterintuitive and help secure her husband’s approval of the relationship that has blossomed between his daughter and her black lover.

Checkmate is an interracial erotic tale in which the protagonists deviously scheme to outsmart each other and gain the upper hand in the high stakes power game.  At stake is the very freedom that each cherishes so much.

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