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#FREE **Burned by the Soul (Struck from the Heavens, Book 1) by William Stadler**

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Burned by the Soul (Struck from the Heavens, Book 1) by William Stadler


Two opposing crime organisations have torn Ovenal apart. Intending to finally crush the western cities, the Imprecator sends the mainland’s most vicious assassins, Desenius and Soltar, to strike the small western town of Saluma.

For years, these two trained killers have brutally decimated dozens of cities. However, at Saluma, Desenius is shot through the chest by a crossbow quarrel, slain by his long-time comrade and co-assassin, Soltar, in front of the entire city.

Why now? Why after all these years did Soltar decide to turn on him? Just as the world goes dark, Desenius can think of nothing else but how to repay his old friend and get his revenge.

Fate, as it seems, must also have revenge in mind, as Desenius awakens on a burning pyre completely unscathed. New flesh has appeared where burns used to be, and there is an intense grinding in his gut–a sensation that he’s never felt before until after his resurrection. Unsure of what has happened to him, Desenius must discover who he is if he ever wants to hunt down and put his killer and betrayer to rest.

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