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Book: Descendants of Arcos (Hidden Souls)

Author: J.P. Uvalle

Genre: Paranormal Romance




His Legacy.

The World’s Destruction.

One War

One Soul Mate

One Descendant

One Decision

Could Destroy the World.

Xandra Kallan – a homicide detective, battles internal turmoil, suffering the aftermath of being caught in the middle of a war, which has left her without the person she needs the most. With her eyes open to the truth and her tortuous past unearthed, she seeks solitude, leaving her haunting past, soul mates, and the place she used to call home in the rearview to soul search with her trusty canine companion by her side – her shield from evil.

Will the truth set her free or will her past catch up with her?

On her road to freedom, Xandra finds herself on the campus of Colorado State University. And reminiscing of her old college days, she decides to re-enter the world of education to become a veterinarian. Little does she anticipate; she will run into a soul just as lost as her. Just as dark. A descendant. And there’s more to this soul that meets the eye.

In the battle between descendants and soul mates, which side will she choose?

When Xandra gains more knowledge about Arcos, she is forced to choose – a decision that could affect the survival of mankind.

Will Xandra make the right decision this time around or will she once again, get caught up in the flames?


This is an incredible book. It picks up right from the end of the first book of the series which to be honest blew me away. It has been quite a long time since a fantasy novel has held my interest through the entire book, but after reading Resurrection of Sin, I could not wait to read Hidden Souls. 

Xandra is a feisty leading female character who can hold her own against the forces working against her and has a thirst for the truth which as the novel continues you will see doesn’t always open her eyes to what she truly wants to see. After leaving her home town which is little more than a hole in the ground, she decides to give up being a copy and go back to University to become at Vet. With a true love of animals Xandra once before was on the track to become a veterinarian until that fateful day everything changed. But now she needs an extreeme change in her life to get away from the pain which was caused in Resurrection of Sin (I am not going to spoil it if you haven’t read it!) 

Going back to her roots, Xandra finds that no matter where she goes she will always find herself caught in the war between the descendants and soul mates. 

I have to admit I was routing for the “bad guy” somewhat in the first novel but in this one I was routing for our “good guy” Because although he faces extreeme adversity with the help of Xandra’s love together they fight for each other and at times against each other which makes this novel so interesting. 

The characters are brilliant in their design and the plot that interweaves between the descendants and soul mates is fascinating to say the least. I do recommend this series as a must read because it is the perfect book(s) to cuddle up with on a wet Autumn day, where you can loose yourself and when you do surface (trust me this book will be one you don’t put down) you will be left wanting more from this brilliant and talented author. I certainly cannot wait for the third enstallment in the series. 

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“You’ve made your point. You’re a legend; everyone knows your name. Now stop. You don’t have to be this person anymore.”

“Stop? What difference would it make? The damage is done. This is who I am,” he growled, pounding his fist to his chest.

“This is not who you are; this is what you want everyone to believe. But I know the truth, you’re just like your father. Underneath all that hostility and rage, is a good man. And it would make a huge difference to me if you’d try to change,” I said, giving him my irresistible big eyes.

He answered with a sigh.

“All I’m asking is for you to try.”


“Because…I want to learn how to love you.”

Author Bio

 J. P. Uvalle is a beautifully twisted soul who has a passion for writing paranormal romance and has the divine ability to make the unbelievable, believable. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs, went to Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Technology. JP works part-time as an ICU technician in Highlands Ranch, Colorado at an emergency/specialty hospital.   Aside from being a technician and a writer, she runs two businesses in her spare time ~ Beautifully Twisted Publishing, and Mary Kay. On top of that, she also contributes her time to the Beneath the Ashes Blog as a Promotions Manager.   When she’s not saving lives, coming up with her next plot twist or making women feel pretty & pampered, she’s spending time with family and friends.

Social Links

Facebook: Twitter: @Soul4Writer

Instagram: j.p. uvalle

Book One ~ Resurrection of Sin. Nominated in both paranormal and fantasy categories for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2016!

Available in eBook and Paperback format:

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