#Review #Hot #Explosive Viper: A Dark Alpha Motorcycle Club Romance (Road Kill MC Book 8) – Marata Eros

Viper: A Dark Alpha Motorcycle Club Romance (Road Kill MC

Book 8) – Marata Eros




Vince, aka Viper, is president of Road Kill MC and will wipe out whatever threatens the brotherhood of the men he leads.

Candice Arlington is a deep undercover FBI agent closing in on the worst brand of sexual predators: flesh trafficking.

They say oil and water don’t mix. They were wrong.

When Road Kill MC mistakes her role for one of a liaison for the very ones they want to extinguish, Candice finds herself in a position of torture and eventual death, and the final sting to apprehend the man behind it all is unraveling fast.

Viper won’t ask his men to do anything he wouldn’t do. However, when Candice is at his mercy–Viper breaks his vow–taking what she offers. He doesn’t realize their chance encounter wipes away the numbness he’s been living beneath.

Candice is unable to forget Viper, and the life he symbolizes she gave up for the Bureau, but he’s partially healed the wounds of the past.

When the nightmare of before reappears – can Viper protect Candice from a menace more dangerous than any other?

Viper is a full-length, standalone romantic suspense novel with hot sex, no cheating, strong language, an HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains disturbing themes that might be uncomfortable for some. Perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde, and who also like the dark fare of Pepper Winters.



I’ve been waiting, biting my fingernails for this latest instalment to the series and I was not disappointed in anyway, if anything any expectations I had were blown out of the water immediately. Sizzling straight from the start and so red hot throughout I’m surprised the pages didn’t combust! Very dark in parts, but don’t let that put you off in any way at all as it lends a richness to the novel, to the characters themselves adding a depth to them that is raw and honest, this instalment had me gripped, in tears with joy and grief alike. It will grab your heart strings, pull them tight in all manner of ways, you learn so much more about the bikers, their way of life, the true thoughts and feelings of such a strong and powerful man. The love story may not be “traditional” but it is true, honest, passionate and an unbelievable read.

I could not recommend this instalment of the series more, you get to catch up with characters from the previous books, and wow there are some very interesting developments!!!!! I will never forget nor regret picking up the first in the Road Kill MC series – Thankyou Marata Eros


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