#FREEREADING #Review #ReverseHarem #Fantasy Wings Of Ice (Protected By Dragons Series) by G. Bailey

Wings Of Ice (Protected By Dragons Series) by G. Bailey



Four Dragon Guards. Three Curses. Two Heirs. One Choice…
Forbidden love or the throne of the dragons?

Isola Dragice thought she knew what her future would bring. Only, one earth-shattering moment destroys everything.

When war threatens her home, Isola returns from earth to the world of dragons she knows nothing about, and to Dragca Academy. When the four most powerful dragon guards in history are ordered to protect her, they didn’t expect to be protecting an accident-prone princess. One who, accidentally, nearly kills her whole class at Dragca Academy in her first week.

What happens when fire falls for Ice?

18+ **Reverse Harem Romance**


After being dumped in the human world at a young age by her father after her mother’s death Isola finds that no matter how hard she tries she never truly fits in with the humans. Her one link to Dragon realm keeps her mind from the pain she felt from being left there and manages to distract her, but distract her too well because when war comes calling and Isola has to return home to Dragca, she is left highly unprepared, she knows little to nothing about her future kingdom and as its only heir she needs to catch up and quickly.

Taken to the Dragca Academy for not only her protection but also to help remedy this lack of knowledge, to prepare her for her role as Queen, Isola is gifted four of the most powerful Dragon guards that the dragon guard bloodlines have ever produced in order to train her, to protect her, to teach her and help her adjust to this new world as such she has found herself in. Not one to stay quite and keep her head down like her father suggests Isola manages to freeze her entire class in the cafeteria nearly killing them, but it was just an accident………

Hot headed, with whit and a lovable character that I fell in love with within the first few chapters, Isola has depths that will have you rooting for her, becoming emphatic for and being blown away by. That is not to say that the four delicious Dragon guards are not amazing because there is something to be said for a slow but sizzling burn, one you can feel right to the tips of your toes. These guys, although different in each of their characters, have “IT” in spades, they are the perfect accompaniment to Isola.

You know that there is a twist coming somewhere, the story picks up at a steady but great speed that has you dying to read the next page to the point I ended up chasing most of the day away reading in order to finish it. I was not disappointed and the twist when it comes is a “BANG” knocked it right out of the park, didn’t see that one coming!!

Currently FREE to download and also on Kindle Unlimited, this is the perfect way to start a new exciting series that might just provide you with not 1 Book Boyfriend but 4!!!!!!!!

5 Stars *****

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