#Review #SexySeries Femme Fatale (Pericolo #1) by Kirsty-Anne Still

Femme Fatale (Pericolo #1) by Kirsty-Anne Still



I do not think I have read another book like this, it is that unique in it’s story line! Femme Fatale by Kirsty-Anne Still is simply beyond impressive, firstly it actually has length to it!! Too many books currently seem to only have a limited number of pages but in Femme Fatale’s case the reverse is true, this book packs plenty for your cash, not only making it worth every single cent/penny but every page is packed full of quality content, another thing sadly lacking in some departments. I work hard reviewing novels to bring you the best reads on the current market here on Fantasy & Romance Reviews, nothing less that 4 star is put forward for your consideration and if it were possible to put more than 5 stars on a review for a book then this is definitely one of them!

A huge fan of The Viper Room Series, I was drawn in by the Synopsis for this novel and I am really glad that I chose to read it – want a book that is going to floor you? Then this is the book for you because you have no idea from chapter to chapter what is going to happen, there are no giveaways or tell tale clues, this is a huge “wham” each and every time something happens filling you with pure adrenaline, it almost makes you giddy!

So Femme Fatale…..; We are following the story of Amelia, the daughter of the notorious Italian criminal crime boss who has been brought up to know her place within the family business. She has always been coached and preened in order to become a weapon, a weapon that men underestimate because of her sex they have made her into a highly dangerous and high functioning Femme Fatale. It is her job to seduce and then kill certain targets that her father wants to have executed for their sins again the “family”. But not all is well at home, her mother died at her father’s own hand when she was little but he gave her no mercy believing she was weak since that terrible night Amelia and her brothers have all been effected in different ways, making some see the light and striving to “get out” of the family business or turn as dark as night within their souls. Just over a year ago Amelia’s heart was broken by Zane, a man who she truly loved but didn’t know exactly what it was Amelia did for her father’s business, he is also a cop to her father’s dismay. But after breaking her heart, Amelia really threw herself into the family business with gusto trying to heal but in order to prove her loyalty to her family and prove she is ready to move on she must take on one final job…… Kill Zane……..

Whirlwind after whirlwind, up after up and spiral after spiral, Femme Fatale by Kirsty Anne Still is a full bodied, rich and steamy novel. Action packed and emotional as hell – you will cry, you will get pi**ed off and angry at certain characters and you will fall in love! This is a definate must read, a cracking start to the series one that I am going to be hot on the trail of each and every time a new book comes out!

A 5***** Star Review ❤


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