#review #arc #preorder Art of Death (Curse Breakers Book 1) by Becca Vincenza

Art of Death (Curse Breakers Book 1) by Becca Vincenza



What if a single act of rebellion had the power to change your fate?

Rowan and Abel Hayes’ birth ended a centuries-old family curse, but being a curse breaker has its drawbacks. Now they live a life full of rules.

When Rowan breaks a rule, she sets a powerful chain of events into motion that she never could’ve imagined. Abel is kidnapped, and it’s up to Rowan to save her twin. Can she rely on the aid of an old friend who once betrayed her? Or will new enemies prove too strong for her to handle?

(New Adult, contains language and sexual content. 18+)



After century’s of no female descendants being born into the Hayes family because of a powerful curse, the birth of the twins Rowan and Abel change that, they are Curse Breakers. Curse Breakers are powerful necromancers and the fact that they are twins makes them a force to be reckoned with; but only once they turn 21 and their powers come into full force. A close knit family, the Hayes live in a small rural town where the local pack is king, where the family has grown to be more like part of the pack lending them a sense of protection from the other necromancer families and Vampire Covens who would seek to either kill Rowan and Abel or enslave them for their power.

It all starts with Rowan breaking one of the most important rules that has helped keep their existence hidden, no acknowledging ghosts. So when a new ghost turns up at the bar and annoys her enough that she ends up talking to him, a series of evens begin to fall into place that have same serious consequences. Trying to rid herself of the offending ghost she seeks out the help of her twin Abel but when Abel goes missing just days before their 21st birthday, Rowan or Ro as her family and friends affectionately call her, she knows deep down something is badly wrong.

Saving her twin goes without saying, and as a deep need within Ro expands she accepts the help of someone she never thought she would see again, someone who once betrayed her and broke her heart. Indigo is the son of the Alpha and was once the best friend of both of the twins growing up. But 5 years ago Indigo left without a word, and 5 years is a long time to be gone, a lot has changed. Indigo has secrets, but yet wants to explain to Rowan why he left but her anger at his betrayal blinds her, her worry for her brother over riding it all allowing her to keep going.

Can Ro and Indigo find Abel in time for their 21st birthday ritual, or will they find more than they could ever bargain for??

I have to say this story is a brilliant written series of plot lines that intermingle, twisting this way and that, then flashing small snippets of one character’s motives or secrets/lies before it is ripped away and twisted again. Eventually a fuller bigger picture is reviled and when it is,it is quite masterful. It took me a while to get into the novel at first, the first few chapters laying the ground work were slow in their flow but pushing past it and sticking to the story was more than worth it! The novel picked up in pace a little but as such remained at a constant, but I think it needed it given how much information is packed into each character and their relevance within the plot lines. Rich in depth and colour each character comes to life in your mind’s eye allowing you to appreciate the brilliant job that Becca Vincenza has put in to this novel, I really am quite floored by the differences between this novel and others that are in the same genre. It truly stands out.

Rowan is a brilliant choice for a potential heroine, she isn’t your typical choice but you can see her potential, the drive being that she needs to find her twin. What happens to Ro within the story lines had me cheering her on, worried for her, happy for her, scared for her and finally proud of her. She is a relatable character with a slight potty mouth and deep emotions that are almost tangible. I don’t want to give anything away because in order to fully appreciate the brilliance of the plot lines you need to appreciate the secrets they hold too. 

Indigo…… Well what can I say about him without giving too much away? He’s a brilliant character, the perfect person to challenge Ro, work her up, settle her down, to protect her and to heat her blood beyond a delicious point (This novel does contain some 18+ material 😉 ) But the secrets that he holds just might have the answers Ro needs

I would recommend this novel without a doubt but what I will make a point in saying is that you need to stick with it. If you are looking for something a little more fast paced then this isn’t the right novel for you, but if you are a reader that can appreciate the intricacy of a very well woven set of plot lines and have the time to read at a slower pace then this is the book for you. Everyone else who is undecided…… Take a chance trust me it is more than well worth it!!


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